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Jay AbrahamThursday May 19th, 2022
From The Desk of Jay Abraham:

You don’t know me, I realize, other than the positive statements you’ve read from Tony Robbins.

But, if you’ll trust that I have your best business interest at heart, let me gift you four separate business building resources.

Each one has the capability of boosting your sales performance and expanding your profit levels, significantly. Most important of all — when combined — they will stimulate a seismic shift in thinking and action inside your mind.

This shift has the capability of catapulting your company’s current (and future) sales and profit performance, upward — like a just-released, tightly coiled spring.

If that metaphor seems improbable in today’s bad economy, I assure you, it is not.

The reason it IS true has to do with your biggest, overlooked, untapped “business building and competitive edge” opportunity:

  • You see, the vast majority of companies out there unknowingly (and certainly, unintentionally) limit, restrict and actually impede…the number of customers/buyers they could be attracting and selling.
  • They also restrict the size of the transaction/sale they could be generating from each purchase.
  • Finally, most companies actually impede the amount and frequency of additional and repeat purchases their customers/clients could be doing with them.

What Your Competition Doesn't Know About Increasing Sales
and Multiplying Profits Can Hurt Them — And Help YOU!

Why and how?

Because, all you know and do tends to be the exact same method of selling, marketing, advertising, prospecting, closing, promotion that everyone else in your industry does.

In short, it’s a “follow-the-herd” mentality.

But, I’ve had the good fortune to work with leading-edge companies in 465 separate industries (not merely businesses).

I’ve carefully studied all the different methods of selling, strategy approaches, marketing techniques, out there — many, if not most, of which actually produce far better sales and marketing results than the selling approaches you and your other industry competitors currently follow.

Stated differently — a selling approach or marketing concept or strategy that’s “as common and dirt” in one industry can deliver the profit and performance improvements and impact of an atom bomb for you and your industry, IF  you’re the first or only company in your market or industry to learn about and then use it correctly.

Well, I’ve painstakingly studied the highest and best performing sales-boosting and profit-multiplying approaches from every industry I’ve worked in.

I’ve identified the ones that can work best for any other industry out there. And I teach those breakthrough sales and profit increasing strategies to my private clients, who pay me fees of $5000 per hour…$50,000 per day to gain my ideas and unique knowledge.

But, the same methods I teach to larger businesses can produce stunning sales and profit improvements for businesses of almost every size and kind.

I know, for a fact, they work for everyone, because I used to teach simpler versions to smaller businesses (worldwide) and their sales exploded.

I don’t personally work with small businesses anymore. But, I’m eager to help any deserving business owner sell more, make more income and grow their business into a more profitable income generator.

So, I decided to gift four of my most important fundamental, business-building resources to every business owner/CEO from Tony Robbins’s list.

These resources will help you find better ways to sell and market.

The ideas you’ll gain should utterly, transform your profit performance. Your sense of possibility should be vastly expanded by the examples, case studies and clear cut illustrations these resources provide.

If you’re weary from trying to grow — by doing more of the same things, the same way you’ve always done it — the methods and mindset shift you’re about to learn about should produce the critical difference in thinking and approaches you’ve needed.

Certainly, any competitive-minded, profit-oriented business owner or CEO seriously committed to growing more sales and profits will find these ideas very stimulating and rewarding to learn.

I’m gifting you two of my latest business books.

One teaches how to maximize the profit performance of everything you do.

The other examines how most companies get stuck at a certain performance plateau or level of thinking without ever knowing they’re stuck. Most importantly, it provides nine separate strategies for getting unstuck and getting any size business going and growing, again.

I’m also including two very important audio sessions I did with Tony Robbins.

In one session, Tony interviewed me for 11 solid hours, then took two months and painstakingly edited down the most important 42 distinctions I made about business growth in economic markets like this.

The other audio is something of a “turnabout.” I probed Tony’s steel-trap mind for four non-stop hours — and tightly edited his highly original/powerful thinking about business building — into a 90-minute, tour-de-force experience, unlike anything he’s done before.

Both books and both audios session are yours – gratis — as my gift.

I’m looking at this gesture as an investment in you, for the future. If you run a business too small to work with me — then I’m helping to create long-term good will.

You can never have enough friends and fans out there, singing your praises in the world today. Some of you may be well connected to larger companies that can work with me, directly. So, the value to me of helping you thrive and prosper is enormous.

Some of you probably already run sizeable enterprises, now. So the ideas I introduce, through my gifts, should stimulate and favorably provoke your sense of how much more profit performance is possible.

If you like my methods and mindset — I’d love to explore the prospects of working together, directly — if it makes sense to both parties.

By the way, IF a company is big enough — and has significant overlooked assets, hidden profit approaches, underperforming selling activities or under-valued revenue sources — I’m more than “game” to get involved, long-term, and predominately, be paid a share of the major profit increases my strategies produce for that company.

So bottom line here is that I have everything to gain and truly nothing to lose by investing my intellectual capital in you and your company, freely, right now.

If you don’t know enough about me and my credentials, track-record, or media stature to feel comfortable accepting my no-cost gifting gesture, then take as much time as you like, studying ALL the reference and creditability material and endorsements I’ve included below.

  • You’ll find videos of successful clients and prominent entrepreneurs.
  • You’ll find audios of the same.
  • You’ll see hundreds of actual testimonials and success stories.
  • You’ll read highly impressive letters from prominent people whose names or companies you respect and trust.

If this sounds immodest, I truly apologize. I’m merely trying to put myself into your shoes and want to help you feel comfortable, confident and certain about accepting my four valuable gifts.

A few final thoughts -- if you take any action:

I only need your email address — as I only require it long enough to send you the link to the digital files of all four items.

You are totally welcome to unsubscribe right after receiving them, if that’s your desire. There will be no hard feelings, whatsoever, on my part, if you do.

If however, you find my material and perspective valuable, feel free to remain on my special interest CEO/Business Owner private email list for as long as I continue to provide stunning value, ideas, advice and guidance.

I plan on gifting everyone (who remains on that list) more of my private resources (many of which I have personally sold for prices up to $5,000 an item when I used to market to smaller businesses, too).

I will never try and sell anyone, anything.

Again, I’m doing this as a major, long-term investment in good will and relationship building.

I do hope… over time, that some of you with larger companies will afford me the chance to have a future direct business “connection” with your enterprise.

Right now, however, this offer (and my investment of these resources in you) is merely intended to give enormous and enriching business building skills to each one of you.

To accept my gifting gesture, complete the form below.

To gain more background on me before you decide, continue reading below the form.

I hope the books and audios you’re about to receive deliver better business building and profit producing performance for your company for years to come.


Jay Abraham

YES, Jay! Please gift me your
four important business building resources.

Send me back the download link, immediately

I'm clear that you are giving me these resources because you want nothing more than to invest generously in me and my business, right now.

Your only expectation in doing so is to create enormous goodwill -- plus foster far greater business performance, and profit, for me and every entrepreneur/CEO, receiving your gifts.

Ultimately, you're hoping for is the chance to make a future direct business connection with those few companies responding — who size and circumstances are appropriate.

So, I'm under no obligation or commitment to do anything more than seriously read and listen to the sales improvement and profit multiplying strategies and techniques you are about to share.

If I don't feel they hold meaningful value, I am welcome to unsubscribe from your "Special Interest", private email list — by simply clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the first follow up email you send. I'll receive nothing more from you in the future, if I do so.

If I remain on your special list, you will continue investing richly and generously in me and my company by sending out other valuable courses and resources that have previously sold for as much as $5000 per item. All of these will also be gifted to me, gratis, as your continued investment in the relationship.

*Enter Your Primary Email Address:
Please note: Occasionally, I will notify people of high-end ($25,000 to $40,000 per person) exclusive, small-group intensives I do. But these are absolutely not appropriate or even intended for the majority of smaller business owners responding. But since I don't know the size of any of the companies on Tony's list, I'll notify you only as a courtesy. Never to directly sell you anything.


Want To Learn More About Me?

Would you like to see the first chapter of both of the books I'm going to gift you? Click here. Would you like to see complete transcripts of both of the audio interviews I'm going to gift you? Click here.
Would you like to see excerpts from articles about me in Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Investor's Business Daily? Click here Would you like to see what various respected authors, business people and experts have to say about me? Then click here.
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Would you like to review an 87-question self assessment diagnostic I created called “How Does Your Business Really Stack Up?” -- that identifies hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, underperforming activities and under-utilized resources your business is sitting on? Then, click here. Would you like to read actual letter about me written by a founder of Federal Express, the former key executive of Franklin-Covey (Stephen Covey's company), the past editor-in-chief of Success Magazine, the head of Nightingale-Conant and two other prominent CEO's. Click here.

Considered by many CEOs, entrepreneurs, best selling authors, business coaches & consultants and other marketing experts to be
"One of The Greatest Marketing Minds and Business Growth Strategists In The Entrepreneurial World..."

What The Experts Say...
"Jay is probably the greatest marketing mind alive today."
-Success Magazine
"He's one of the best market conceptualists in the country." -Entrepreneur Magazine
"Jay knows how to get maximum results from minimum effort." -Investors Business Daily
"He gets businesses going and growing again."
-USA Today
"Jay is a specialist at turning underperforming corporations into sales and marketing whizzes."
-Forbes Magazine
"Jay Abraham is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I've ever known."
-Steven Covey
Hear the Truth For Yourself...
Tony Robbins says: "He’s amazing, phenomenal, remarkable. The Foremost Growth Strategist For Small and Large Companies in The World. A True Marketing Master."

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