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How To Stimulate More Sales and Generate More Profits

Jay AbrahamSunday June 16th, 2024
From The Desk of Jay Abraham:

When your job is to deliver better business building and profit producing ideas and performance, it forces you to prove your ideas every day. For nearly 30 years, my job has been to come up with the highest performing ideas, strategies and tactics that catapult, then keep, my clients perched at the top of their market or industry.

In order to continuously deliver on these lofty expectations, I leave no stone unturned in my dogged pursuit of the best performing business approaches a company can use. I study 465 different industry groups sifting meticulously through each industry's strategizing, business models, selling approaches, revenue sources – looking for universal methods that your company can use to keep growing and thriving. I believe I've identified a source of high-performing approaches that outshine the rest.

I'd like to share the very best ones with you and your business as my gift. I know the pressure you probably feel to find more successful ways to do business today. Better ways to sell, market, reach and attract new buyers, resell past clients. They're all the lifeblood of your relentless, never-ending search for greater growth and higher profitability.

I've written two bestselling books about how to multiply any business' sales and profits. I've been part of two famous audio interviews that identified 42 separate business distinctions few business owners or CEO's ever learned about.

The books total well over 400 pages and include 336 different strategies, examples, first-hand illustrations and case studies you can easily grasp and adapt to whatever business you run.

The two audio interviews total nearly four hours of idea-a-minute shifts in thinking and never considered business possibilities.

I want you to have all four resources gratis
as my gift to help you help your business thrive and prosper.

You'll receive all four items in digital form by merely providing me with your email address. I require no other information from you. I have no interest or desire to sell you anything after I send you the link to all those resources.

After spending years helping businesses of all sizes, kinds and type – I now only work with larger companies (i.e. $10 million - $1 billion) on either a fee basis (my rate is $50,000 per day) or my preference is to participate in all the increased profits my ideas and strategies produce.

Bottom line is that smaller businesses can no longer afford working with me in most cases – because I no longer offer products or programs geared for them. But I truly want to help any and every business out there I possibly can since I feel my methods can make a huge impact on the successes your business achieves.

So I'm gifting some of my best $5,000-an-hour ideas and strategies to everyone-gratis. I'm doing it because I know it will generate substantial good will from all the smaller businesses who receive it. Some of you may even use these concepts to grow large enough to become a direct fee pay or profit sharing client of mine.

I also suspect that a few of you are already running companies large enough to comfortably work with me. So sending you these resources will serve as a first stage form of due diligence to start the ball rolling on a direct advisory and consulting relationship.

If you are unfamiliar with me, my worldwide track record or you're uncertain about who I am and whether my business building/profit generating ideas are really that good – below you'll find links for different sources of credibility, testimonials, proof and media validation you may feel comforted to review.

After studying more of my background, reputation and success track record, I hope you'll take me up on my offer and carefully read both of my business books and listen thoughtfully to both of the audio interviews you'll receive.

Want To Learn More About Me?

Would you like to see the first chapter of both of the books I'm going to gift you? Click here. Would you like to see complete transcripts of both of the audio interviews I'm going to gift you? Click here.
Would you like to see excerpts from articles about me in Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Investor's Business Daily? Click here Would you like to see what various respected authors, business people and experts have to say about me? Then click here.
Would you like to meet some of the past clients I've helped? Then click here. Would you like to read 900 past success stories and testimonials from businesses of all sizes that I've helped in the past? Then click here.
Would you like to see me in action working with actual businesses in two different forms – one in depth, one quick fix? Then click here. Would you like to hear the “Golden Nugget” excerpts from me interviewing 24 famous business legend? Then, click here.
Would you like to review an 87-question self assessment diagnostic I created called “How Does Your Business Really Stack Up?” -- that identifies hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, underperforming activities and under-utilized resources your business is sitting on? Then, click here. Would you like to read actual letter about me written by a founder of Federal Express, the former key executive of Franklin-Covey (Stephen Covey's company), the past editor-in-chief of Success Magazine, the head of Nightingale-Conant and two other prominent CEO's. Click here.

Considered by many CEOs, entrepreneurs, best selling authors, business coaches & consultants and other marketing experts to be
"One of The Greatest Marketing Minds and Business Growth Strategists In The Entrepreneurial World..."

What The Experts Say...
"Jay is probably the greatest marketing mind alive today."
-Success Magazine
"He's one of the best market conceptualists in the country." -Entrepreneur Magazine
"Jay knows how to get maximum results from minimum effort." -Investors Business Daily
"He gets businesses going and growing again."
-USA Today
"Jay is a specialist at turning underperforming corporations into sales and marketing whizzes."
-Forbes Magazine
"Jay Abraham is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I've ever known."
-Steven Covey
Hear the Truth For Yourself...
Tony Robbins says: "He’s amazing, phenomenal, remarkable. The Foremost Growth Strategist For Small and Large Companies in The World. A True Marketing Master."

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Watch Jay masterfully help 12 business owners solve their toughest business challenges and find their best leverage points in just minutes... Watch as some of Jay's clients and seminar attendees share their amazing success stories as a result of applying Jay's disarmingly simple principles...

After receiving the link to download all four resources…
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and that is perfectly acceptable to me.

My motives and intention in gifting you these books and interviews are exactly what I stated – they're my investment in your business. Nothing more.

But if you choose to remain on my email subscriber list, I will continuously send out additional high-value resources that I have historically sold to smaller companies for prices as high as $5,000 an item. Again, I no longer personally market to smaller businesses so contributing freely to their growth and prosperity is a way for me to generously give back in a meaningful gesture that, I hope, truly enriches everyone I can reach.

Also, if you remain on my email list after downloading your books and audio, please note that I will issue occasional updates and notification of the high-end ($25,000-$40,000 per person) intensive I do for larger companies. These notifications are not intended (nor are they appropriate for) small business owners. But I have numerous large company entrepreneurs and CEO's on my list who are appropriate for these small attended, exclusive activities.

I personally no longer even sell my expensive products or home study versions of live programs.  I have licensed and outsourced them ALL to a third party.  But if the smaller companies reading this (who cannot work directly with me) would benefit from examining any of my products or programs –  I’ll gladly instruct my licensee to give you an 80% reduction on anything you ever wish to try out.

More importantly you need NOT feel obligated to keep anything, since I’m only offering them to you as my way of investing in your good will.

Again, my real goal here is to stimulate strong interest with you larger companies to want to explore a direct working relationship with me where I share in the increased profit performance my advice and strategies produce for your company.

If you’re large enough to be a potential profit partner with me – please enjoy all the business boosting resources I’ll be sending you.  If you run a smaller business, I hope these materials help your enterprise grow and prosper.

To immediately receive your link to the books and audios, simply enter your email below. Nothing else.

YES, Jay! Please gift me your
four important business building resources.

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I'm clear that you are giving me these resources because you want nothing more than to invest generously in me and my business, right now.

Your only expectation in doing so is to create enormous goodwill -- plus foster far greater business performance, and profit, for me and every entrepreneur/CEO, receiving your gifts.

Ultimately, you're hoping for is the chance to make a future direct business connection with those few companies responding — who size and circumstances are appropriate.

So, I'm under no obligation or commitment to do anything more than seriously read and listen to the sales improvement and profit multiplying strategies and techniques you are about to share.

If I don't feel they hold meaningful value, I am welcome to unsubscribe from your "Special Interest", private email list — by simply clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the first follow up email you send. I'll receive nothing more from you in the future, if I do so.

If I remain on your special list, you will continue investing richly and generously in me and my company by sending out other valuable courses and resources that have previously sold for as much as $5000 per item. All of these will also be gifted to me, gratis, as your continued investment in the relationship.

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Again, please understand, I know that an offer as generous and free of “strings” seems – well, unreal. I assure you it's authentic. I equally assure you that both books and audio interviews are extremely valuable and exceedingly thought producing material you'll find worth every minute you invest studying them.

You should probably check the books out on Amazon.com if you're still uncertain. One has 144 laudatory reviews. The other has only recently became published but already 20 highly positive reviews are posted.

I have a body of work that can dramatically inspire the sales and profit performance of almost any business that uses it. It's my great privilege to gift these four items to you now and send even more valuable materials out to you – gratis – over the months to come.

I'm obviously hoping that amongst all the people taking me up on my gesture will be the kinds and sizes of business heads I want to personally work with directly.

If that's you – feel free, after studying my materials, mindsets and strategic philosophies – to contact me through my office to discuss your business personally.

In conclusion, I've found that most businesses out there unintentionally, unknowingly and unfortunately substantially limit, restrict and impede the number of customers/clients you could be selling. The size of the sales transactions you could be doing with those buyers..the number of times and amount of ways you could be reselling those buyers – and all the wonderful, higher performing selling approaches, marketing opportunities and revenue sources your business could be (and should be) making.

If you'd like an excellent short course primer education in how much more really is possible, both sales and profit-wise for (and from) your business – please let me gift you my two books and my two audio interviews.

It means a lot to me to do this for you. I think it could mean even more to your company to take me up on my gesture.

Again, all I want is your email. Once the digital files arrive, you probably want to print out both books. I suspect you'll want to burn CD's of both interviews. Then --- you'll want to re-refer to all four frequently.


Jay Abraham

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